Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Broken Promise

There was an America that was promised to me in my youth.

It was a strong, diverse and vibrant America. With liberty and justice for all.

For ALL.

A place where you could look to the sky or oceans and think of exploration, science and math.  

Where every child born would have the opportunity to learn without fear.

Where regardless of race, gender, orientation or belief, academic achievement in school would be rewarded with affordable college or university –so we could educate the next generation of doctors,  scientists, lawyers and educators.

A place where we recognized our past injustices as a nation and protected voting rights for all people.

Where we valued our elders and did not diminish their quality of life through attacking their retirement income and security.

Where we recognized and balanced individual responsibility with societal responsibility.

Where we recognized that we need to fund and maintain a well-equipped and technologically superior military defense capability –so we remain strong and don't have to engage in conflict. Not to the point where every man, woman and child in America spends over $3,300 per year each on a military budget that is larger than what Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia spend combined.

Where broadcast news was information we needed to make good decisions as individuals, families, communities and as a country. Not propaganda from those that have amassed obscene wealth repeated by the corporations that they own to keep us distracted and divided.

Where “…give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” was not just a fading slogan on a statue.

Where we were not simply acquiescing to the pressure to extract profit from and ruin everything that belongs to all of us –the oceans, the mountaintops, forests, rivers and streams.

A place where we built and MAINTAINED great things –roads, highways, bridge, railways -our infrastructure.

Where we all felt keeping assault rifles or semi-automatic guns out of the hands of known criminals and/or those that are mentally unstable was a good idea.

Where we honor our veterans returning home with care, jobs and security.

Where all hard work is recognized and rewarded,  the right for people to get together and collectively bargain for decent, living wages is respected and protected.

A place where we can turn on our faucet and have safe, clean and good-tasting drinking water.

Where we have pollution-free skies -whether we live in Beverly Hills or Richmond.

Where we have state and national parks to preserve the splendor of nature for all future generations.

Where all people viewed their taxes as a patriotic responsibility to invest in our society.

A place where justice is equal –not privatized prisons filled with young people of color while those that have stolen wealth from each of us, destroyed our environment and have dramatically weakened 
America accumulate more wealth so they may purchase more elections.

A place where love is love.

Where people are people and corporations are not.

Where speech is speech and money is not.

Where the interests of the American people are represented and promoted by our government over the interests of the accumulation of obscene wealth (the Koch brothers, The WalMart/Walton Heirs and a few hundred others).

A place that respects the beliefs of others and distinguishes belief from scientific fact and discovery.

A place where we reward risk and effort that leads to societal innovation.

Where the American community believes all people should have access to safe, affordable housing; decent medical and dental care; mental health care; to live life with dignity.

Is it too late?

People that are working to take all they can from the middle class and poor would like it to be. 

It’s only too late if we allow it. If we give up. If we don’t vote. 

Together we can reclaim the promise America once held.

Together we can.