Monday, October 22, 2012

The case for alonovo ...

The fundamental reason that the alonovo concept is becoming more relevant than ever is that we spend much of our societal focus now debating issues that were resolved (or should have been) long ago. The fact that we debate women's rights, fair pay, anti-discrimination, trickle-down economics and foreign policy that is war and not diplomacy focused is due to economics. The last few generations have embraced policies that have directed the flow of capital to companies (and their investors) that add little to no value -they externalize their costs through pollution, plundering resources, abuse their workforce and corrupt government. Koch industries, WalMart, Halliburton, Big Oil -are all leading examples of such entities. As a people until we either insulate the political process from money (unlikely post-Citizens United) -the market is the place where we can add the engine that can connect demand affinity to companies operating in a fair and sustainable manner -which tends to drive capital to more evolved, socially responsible management and investors. It also provides natural societal protection against companies externalizing costs (as Chevron does -in Ecuador as well as in Richmond, California) where governmental protection and/or judicial relief may ebb and flow with the political landscape -consumers can make value-aligned decisions.

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