Sunday, February 12, 2012

alonovo and Netroots Foundation ...

alonovo research, inc. announces 501c3 fiscal sponsorship agreement with Netroots Foundation.

Sacramento, CA, February 10, 2012 - alonovo research inc. has announced the signing of a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Netroots Foundation. The agreement will provide the operating structure for alonovo to pursue it’s mission -to create consumer and institutional procurement demand affinity with products and services offered by companies that are evolving to embrace a triple bottom line.

George A. Polisner, Executive Director at alonovo research, inc. stated “The agreement will allow us to focus on the identification, acquisition and integration of trusted corporate social behavior (more commonly, corporate social responsibility or ‘CSR’) data, educational content and media creation all in parallel to raising donations and sponsorship to support our work. We have deployed a publicly available prototype at We are very excited to be working under the auspices of Netroots Foundation and have deep appreciation for their work in the areas of justice, equality, economics and participatory democracy.”

alonovo research, inc. is dedicated to providing trusted, easy-to-understand grades relating to real corporate performance on labor, environment and social responsibility areas such as workforce stability, executive pay ratios, lobbying practices, polluting emissions and waste. The alonovo mission is to catalyze a constructive relationship between an informed market demand and the business supply and distribution chain. This accelerates the "race to the top" among businesses that are working to balance life, planet and profit. It has evolved from the concept that originated in 2005.

Netroots Foundation brings together online citizens across America, injects progressive voices into the national conversation and advances the values of justice, equality and community in our nation’s politics. With technology, the information revolution and online communities changing the very nature of civic engagement, we seek to accelerate the understanding and support of this fundamental shift in participatory democracy.

For further information about alonovo research, inc. phone 916.822.4155, or email