Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Brief Jena 6 Update -

I made the drive from Austin to Jena, Louisiana and attended a protest earlier today.(you can read more about the background at http://colorofchange.org/jena/index.html).

In the photo to the left -the families of the imprisoned youth speak out -many of their mothers and fathers are ex-military.

What strikes me as remarkable is the courage and resolve of the people I spoke with and at the same time, thinking that Dr. King Jr. gave his brilliant "I Have a Dream Speech" almost 44 years ago, yet here we still are.

The photo below is the march from the courthouse through the small town and back to the courthouse.

I was really glad to make the drive and be here, as much theoretical socio-economic stuff I do
behind a keyboard when you have the opportunity to venture out and support people that are speaking truth to power it provides a deep well of motivation and inspiration.

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