Thursday, March 8, 2007, 2.0

The next release of is getting ready for the development phase while I continue to look for resources that will further the mission without jeopardizing the integrity of the alonovo concept.

I'm convinced that the method of connecting how corporations interact with people and planet is crucial to improving the quality and dignity of life in America and around the world. The alonovo engine is innovative and unique --and it is time to take it to the next level.

The key features of the next release are:

  • The Universal Shopping Cart -imagine using an online shopping website that would allow you to shop from many of the merchants in the CoopAmerica Business Network, seamlessly.
  • Private Label -NGO's such as CODEPINK and United for a Fair Economy can integrate the online engine directly into their own webpages. We would also make this available for public school districts for fundraising and other community-based organizations.
  • Context-sensitive Content Placement -When people search for a coffee maker we provide a simple area within their search results that reminds them "not to forget their fair trade coffee" from companies like Larry's Beans, Peace Coffee and Equal Exchange.

  • An education area -brief, edgy, compelling streams that show the significance of the attributes of Corporate Social Behavior (Sweatshop labor, pollution, lobbying etc.)

  • A complete social network that will facilitate the interaction of the community and will help identify emerging products and services that are from evolved companies.

  • Interface agnostic -Toolbar, PDA/Mobile Device/Web, anyway you want it!

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