Saturday, February 3, 2007

the alonovo mission

The mission of is to provide the infrastructure to connect how corporations behave with their profit.

We will aggregate and normalize trusted behavioral data about corporations with regard to their environmental, labor, compensation and benefits, community involvement, conservation, ethics, tax avoidance, political engagement and other key attributes that are commonly called Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. We do not refer to these factors as CSR, as we believe that corporations have no social responsibility (which is why we exist).

By providing easy to access data about corporate behavior integrated within the purchase transaction, people can begin to consider "the character" of a corporation along with the product price and quality before we spend our money.

When we purchase something, we are getting something we need or want, while in turn transferring power in the form of currency to a corporation. Is the corporation using sweatshop labor or fair labor? Polluting our air, rivers and oceans or reducing their emissions and environmental footprint? Consuming oil and finite energy resources or transitioning to clean, renewable alternatives? Is the corporation going to use part of our money to undermine our system of government and seek favor contradicting societal protection from harm?

The days when we could rely on government for protection and enforcement are passed. Corporations and those behind them have vast power and influence. The concept of gives each of us the ability to use the free market system to provide incentives for corporations to properly balance consideration for people, planet and profit.

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